I’m passionate about helping you regain your energy and health through nutrition. We learn to accept lower vitality, poor digestion, compromised immune health and brain fog but we do not need to settle for this. My role is to cut through the confusing and often conflicting information and help you discover the root cause of what is preventing you from enjoying optimal health.

Your Choices

Food and lifestyle choices can fundamentally change how we feel, how we live and ultimately how we thrive. After 15 years of working in finance and running a successful company, I chose to reapply my skills and knowledge and follow my passion for nutrition. I qualified as a registered Nutritional Therapist from the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition and furthered my study at the renowned Kharrazian Institute, a global expert in the field of autoimmunity​

Finding the root cause

Many of my clients have been passed from pillar to post trying to identify what is wrong. By taking the time to listen to your whole story and analyse your medical and symptom history, I am able to get to the root cause of your problems. I do this through a personalised approach. There is no one size fits all as we are all unique. As such every plan is individually tailored to each client’s situation and health goals​