Tired of feeling run down or not being able to perform at your best? You’ve tried different diets, supplements, medicines but still, your symptoms remain?

I use evidence-based personalised nutrition and coaching to help clients with fatigue, inflammation and diagnosed / undiagnosed autoimmune conditions take back control of their health.

Never has there been a more important time to invest in your health.

How I Can Help

Autoimmune Disease

1 in 5 people is now thought to have a diagnosed or undiagnosed autoimmune disease characterised by high inflammation. I can help get to the root cause and help you implement diet and lifestyle adjustments that help reduce your symptoms and put you back in control of your health

Joint Pain

Inflammation from consuming an inflammatory diet and lifestyle can be a major cause of joint pain. Likewise undiagnosed autoimmune disease. We can look into changes we can make which may reduce your pain and improve your mobility

Brain Fog/Anxiety

Memory problems, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration or inability to focus, anxiety. These can often be signs of stress, an autoimmune condition, poor sleep, hormonal changes or vitamin deficiencies from your diet. We can work through each of these to identify your personal causes and help you fire on all cylinders again

Fatigue / Post Viral Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most frustrating non-specific symptoms and it isn’t normal to be more tired simply because we are getting older. We can look at nutritional deficiencies, sleep quality, stress levels, hormone imbalances and inflammation levels to optimise your energy.

Weight Management

Yoyo dieting, calorie restriction, blood sugar imbalances or not eating enough can all have major impacts on our energy levels. Maybe you have low energy after eating, irritability, disrupted sleep, diagnosed pre-diabetic or with Type 2. I can cut through the conflicting advice and help you step off that rollercoaster and make a lasting difference

Digestion & Food Sensitivities

Bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhoea flatulence are not normal responses to eating and can cause discomfort, inflammation, impaired nutrient absorption and fatigue. We will work to identify the root causes of your discomfort and calm your digestion

I’m Here To Help & Support You

With so much conflicting information out there it is easy to become confused and overwhelmed. My health plans are designed to be clear, based on the latest scientific evidence, effective and above all enjoyable!

However, I also recognise that changes are not easy and so I am here to support you every step of the way. You can always contact me during working hours to discuss your plan.

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